Tuesday, 2 February 2010


This is my father MOHD JOHARI BIN ISMAIL. We call him as Abah. He is 52 years old. He is a very protective father.very2! and also he loves his cars so much.everyday is about car car and car. And yes i do love him.

This is my mother ZURAIDAH BIN AWALUDDIN. We call her as Ibu. she is 51 years old which is 1 year more younger than my father. She like to share everything, story something with her daughter which is us :). i'm very proud of u mom n love u so muchh!

This is my sister NURAIN BTE MOHD JOHARI. she is 23 years old which is 1 year older than me. she likes to surfing the internet and cooking too. Sometimes she's kind a hot tempered person.hahaha:P

This is my sister NURAFIQAH BTE MOHD JOHARI. She's 17 years old and school at SMK ASSUNTA Pj. She will taking spm this year and i hope she can make it successfully. she's the most brilliant in my family and yeah im very proud of her. she's very2 like to sleep and like to ignore when people knock the door until my mom gets angry.haha.pdn muke.lalala.

This is my youngest sister NURUL IZZA BTE MOHD JOHARI. She's 11 years old and school at SK ASSUNTA 1. She's very manje with my mom and she's gedikx too! She likes to sing and sing and sing until her teacher complain to my mom during report card day.haha.

Well this is short story of my family. If u want to know more detail, pls comment and i'll give feedback asap.haha. till here:))


  1. nk kenal ngn anak sulong en johari lar..hoho

  2. miang ea ko.haha.ameklaa.hareth pun nk dow.korg bebincang r leklok.

  3. hahahaha..hareth pn nk ker??
    apiz pn same kn..
    org kate ape taw..
    "may the best man win"..ahaks!

  4. hahahaha...
    xbaik dowh..
    cian die..
    normal lar lelaki cm2..
    tp aku jek x..whatever ...
    em...:D haha